Christian Formation seeks to engage and enhance the Christian life for every age in our parish. This includes engagement in worship, education classes, and community ministry. We invite people of every age to acolyte, learn, and volunteer in our community.

Our strategic plan is attached here.

There are no Christian Education classes between May and August

Join us Sundays for Sunday School

Nursery (Infant - 4y): 
Beginning at 9:30am

Elementary (4y - 5th grade):
Godly Play

Middle (6th grade - 8th grade):
D'oh, God!:
We will use episodes of "The Simpsons" for in-depth discussions about a variety of religious topics.

High School

The High School group will be studying the Lectionary in a small group setting. They will meet upstairs in the Parish Hall.

Adult (Fireside Room): 
The Challenge of Paul, a video lecture series with New Testament Scholar John Dominic Crossan.  Crossan is a dynamic speaker who considers the importance of the Roman Empire as the setting into which Paul comes, as well as the vocation and ministry of Paul as found in Acts and the Letters assigned to Paul.