Our Vision

We strive to be a Christian Community that inspires parishioners and our neighbors to use their gifts to empower and transform lives.

Our Mission

We create community by developing and strengthening our relationships with God, ourselves and others through: prayer, worship, service, stewardship, study of Scripture, discernment, and fellowship.

“Trinity is family. It is joy. It is light. And it has given me all three.”
— Abby Caldwell, parishioner

Primary Areas of Ministry

Although our worship is simple and consistent, there are still many parts. Each piece comes together and creates sacred space where the veil between us and the holy is lifted, even if for only a moment. As we prepare for worship, the choir, altar guild, acolytes, readers, intercessors, and ushers work together to lead our worship. 

Christian Education

The primary way we learn about God is in worship. However, worship is not the only way we learn. We also learn at home and in our church communities. Children, youth, and adult Sunday school classes are the essential element of this ministry. There are additional times throughout the year when we gather, all ages together, to share and learn more about our faith.

Community Ministries 

These ministries include our outreach efforts towards the greater community and world. They include everything from Reading Camp to collecting food items every Sunday. We are also able to give away a portion of our Annual Budget. It is our hope that, with the time, talent, and treasure of our Parish, we are able to serve beyond our Red Doors. 

Parish Life

Relationships are central to our life together. For this reason, our church creates opportunities to gather throughout the year. This includes our Wassail Party, The Pig Roast, and Sunday morning coffee hour. These times of fellowship deepen our bonds with one another and strengthen our church. 


We are blessed with history, including a church and office that are over 175 years old. Caring for this building and its grounds is a core ministry of our life together.