Annual Meeting: Election Results

Vestry (Term 2017 - 2019)

Allison Ramsey, Nick Wade, and Virginia Robbins-Bugg

Thank you to Carol Seidel, Cody Polston, Megan Milby, and Patten Mahler for volunteering for the election!

Our outgoing Vestry members are: Lisa Nesmith (2016 Senior Warden), John Ferguson (2016 Junior Warden), and Anthony Haigh.

Our ongoing Vestry members are: Aaron Rodocker (2017), Jason Swanson (2017), Linda Taylor (2017), Janet Gordon (2018), Mary Lou Garland (2018), and Thad Overmyer (2018).

A huge note of gratitude to Margaret Gardiner, our Vestry clerk!

Deputies for Diocesan Convention 2017

Anthony Haigh, Jane Brantley, and Neil Eklund
JP Brantley, Alternate
Mary Lou Garland, Vestry Deputy

Trinity's Adopted Saint for 2017

St. Francis of Assisi