Vestry News

In order to keep everyone up-to-date on vestry business, the approved minutes will now be posted in the newsletter that follows the monthly meeting.
Please click here to view the minutes from the August vestry meeting.

Upcoming Committee Meetings
Community Ministries, September 16th, 7:00pm:
The Committee will discern how to distribute the 2% of our operating budget pledged to outreach.

Christian Education, September 23rd, 7:00pm:
The Committee will begin planning for the Spring Education series.

Everyone is welcome to join! No previous experience required! These are open meetings; all church members are encouraged to participate!


Wednesday evening, September 16
5:30pm, Dinner
6:00pm, Christian Formation
7:00pm, Community Ministries Committee

Journey to Jesus- Jesus' Friends: The Fishers of Men
led by The Jefferson Family

Journey to Church- In Worship: The Procession-
the beginning, the middle, the end
led by January Haile

Lifelong Christian Formation- Christianity and Capitalism
led by Todd Gooch, Associate Prof. of Philosophy and Religion, Eastern Kentucky University

Being an Episcopalian- An Inquirers and Confirmation Class
Episcopalians are people of history and tradition:
What is the history and tradition of our church?
led by Rev. Amy Meaux