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The season of Lent is a time when Episcopalians challenge themselves whether it is through spiritual growth or through self imposed moderation. The Stewardship Committee thought this would be a good time to grow together as a Trinity Community over these forty days by focusing and reflecting on three areas that are important to our church community: 1) service in the community (Love Thy Neighbor Challenge); 2) providing for church programs (Pay It Forward Challenge); and 3) spiritual growth (Make Some Time Challenge).  These three areas make up our 40-Day Giving Challenge.

There are three ways as a member of the Trinity Community to participate in these Lenten challenges and we hope all members are INSPIRED to participate in all three. 

Community: Love Thy Neighbor Challenge

Giving back to our local community is an important part of our church life.  Life however can be hectic and busy, consuming that extra volunteer time.  In this aspect of the challenge, we ask that you take the time over the next forty days to give back to our local community, whether its something as simple as checking on a neighbor, to volunteering for a local agency.  Challenge yourself and or your family to take time each week to Love Thy Neighbor.

Financial: Pay It Forward

Reading Camp is this June and its success has helped the lives of many of the attendees.  For this success to continue, Reading Camp must be properly funded.  The cost of the camp is $3500.00.  In the Pay It Forward Challenge, the Stewardship Committee is hoping to raise this amount over the forty days.  How can you help?  Each of us can give what we can over the forty days. You can donate all of your extra change each week, or eat out one less meal and donate that money forward, or donate towards several hours in a day of the camp.   With each dollar raised we are helping ensure Reading Camp continues in 2018, we are Paying It Forward through these efforts.

Spiritual: Make Some Time

Making time for spiritual moments is essential during Lent.  From making sure to come to Ash Wednesday services, to trying out a Bible study course you’re interested in but haven’t attended, to seeing what a new Sunday service is like, this part of the challenge asks us each to try something new on our spiritual journeys.  We challenge you to Make Some Time for your spiritual life over the next forty days.